Sulfur City 1938
present day Population 94,532


In 1935 the City Consult of former city of Harperville voted to change their name of their town to Honor the Newly discover Sulfur mines open by Thomas Alvin, Chemist and former Bootlegger. The Mines brought new found wealth into an area Hit hard by the Depression, and it was the German immigrant Herman Frasch who invented the “Frasch method” of mining sulfur, pumping hot steam into the ground, liquidizing the mineral, and pumping the liquid to the surface. This greatly facilitated sulfur mining. The elementary school on South Huntington Street in downtown Sulfur is named after Dr. Frasch.
By 1936 Thomas Alvin had open up a pharmaceutical plant to produce a wide range of Sulfur Drugs and a processing plant for production of fertilizer . This caused an explosion of local population as the demand for labor brought workers from all over the country to his plants. Other major firms like Ford and Goodyear open plants to exploit the near by and rich supply of Sulfur needed to process rubbers for tire, adding to the influx of newcomers.
The Building boom that follow, rapidly change the face of the town, to the south the areas of Maplewood and Hollywood were developed into housing for refinery workers. A Company town community was build. The west part of the city has become home to the 3rd tallest skyscraper in the world, build by Thomas Alvin to house the offices of his business. The building boom continues till today with the rise of Skyscrapers turning the western part of Sulfur City into the “City of tomorrow”.
The rising populations also brought a rash of crime, as the city 40-man police force was ill equip to handle the new influx of criminals. Today the police force has expanded to at least 350 men but is still under equip to handle the situation. As crime rose, the first Mystery men appear. These Mask crime fighters would form the Midnight League and began a campaign that actually brought street crime to a halt in many areas of the city. Their down fall would come as they turn their efforts to organize crime and the activities of Local King pin, Mr. Blue.
Mr. Blue had arrive in Sulfur City ( Harperville) in the midst of Prohibition, first as an enforcer for Daddy Boss, Crime lord of Harperville, but would take over Daddy Boss’ operation after his dead as a result of a hunting accident. It is rumor that he team up with Thomas Alvin to create a Boot legging operation that would supply most of the state and ship booze as far north as Atlantic City. With the end of Prohibition, Mr. Blue turn to supplying the entertainment needs of the immigrant workers, providing then access to type of fun not found in movie houses or the theater.
When The Midnight League start to target his operation, Mr Blue went to New York to see how his associates handle such matter. There he met Doctor Clockwork a wet work specialist the NYC mobs were using to combat their own plague of Mystery men. As Doctor Clockwork boasted, “these mystery men are only human”, Doctor Clockwork Solution was not. As soon as he arrived in Sulfur City, the Doc went to work and in under a month he had managed to kill six members of the Midnight League, and drove the reminder into hiding. Then he turned on Mr. Blue and attempt to seize the reign of his criminal empire.
Blue had plan on such an event and had hired two additional specialists, an Italian Assassin called “Bauta”, a master of knife and unarm combat, and the acrobatic “Majorette”. With this additional muscle Mr. Blue has managed an uneasy peace with Doctor Clockwork, at least for now.
But with the Mystery men gone, crime again is rising, while the city can ill afford additional police, Thomas Alvin and other member of the business community has taken upon them selves to hire private security guards to police the Company town and The city of the Future. These guards only answer to their employers and there have been times where they have been use to suppress the rising “Union Moment” in the city.

Sulfur City - Golden Age

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