Sulfur City - Golden Age

issue 1

Sulfur City Issue 1

Adventure Log – Enter the Heroes or Who’s Afraid of Mr. Blue

Chicago summer of 1938 –
The mask mystery man, Black Mask, has caught the Villain “The Pharaohs” and his henchmen in the act of robbing the Chicago’s Museum of Natural History. As he finishing off the Pharaoh, one of the Pharaoh’s Henchmen had revive and was about to strike the Black Mask from behind.
Out of the Darkness a pair of moon shape throwing stars pins the Henchman to nearby Column. From the shadow emerges Captain Midnight one of Chicago’s longest operating Mystery Men. The two heroes exchanges greetings and Midnight explains that he is staking out the Museum as he heard on the street that the infamousness Doctor Clockwork is planning to rob the Museum.
Clockwork is responsible for the death of several Police Officers and a Government Witness, but the act had cost Clockwork Dearly as his robots minions were destroyed by several Super power Mystery men that arrived on the scene. In order to finance a new set of robots, Clockwork is rumor to be hitting the museum for it collection of priceless Egyptians’ artifacts.
Suddenly the sound of broken glass could be heard in both the south and west wings of the Museum. The heroes split up; Mask taking the South end and Midnight the west. Mask discovers another of Pharaoh’s henchmen that revived attempting to escape. Quickly subduing the Henchman, Mask rushes to join Captain Midnight, he spot a set of toy planes flying into the room housing the Egyptian Exhibition.
The Museum is rock by a series of explosions, Black Mask enters the Exhibition room only to find Captain Midnight half buried by rubble, as he reach Midnight, Midnight utter his last words, “ you know kid after this I was going to retire,” and dies. Black Mask vows to bring Doctor Clockwork to justice.

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